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Direct Warping Vs. Indirect Warping (Warping Board)

Direct Warping Vs. Indirect Warping (Warping Board)

Depending on the type of weaving you are doing, this might not even be a question that you have to answer! When it comes down to it, you can mostly assume that rigid heddle looms will be directly warped and floor looms/ table looms will be indirectly warped.  Each...

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Warp Finishing: Fringe Options

Warp Finishing: Fringe Options

There are many different ways to finish a weaving. One of the most common and possibly iconic ways to do this is to have fringe at the bottom. As with most things, though, fringe for your weaving is not always so straightforward! There are many different options both...

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Are You Ready To Learn Tapestry?

Learn how to weave tapestry with a focus on form and experimentation!

Learn about the history of weaving, how and why to use a cartoon, how to weave different types of shapes, textures, finishing techniques & so much more!

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