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Not Sure Where To Start On Your Weaving Adventure?


Are you a new weaver or a seasoned weaver looking for a review?

Not sure where to start?

Feeling overwhelmed?

What even is weaving?

Sometimes when you first start weaving it can seem like you are learning a completely different language. (Which you kind of are!)

With an artform like weaving that has been around for over 9000 years – well, there is a lot to learn.

Luckily for you – This is where you start!

Learn the basics of what you need to know before you even pick up your first loom or tapestry needle!

This guide also includes curated links from Warped Fibers that can help you know where to go next.

Don’t Get It Twisted: How To Make A Butterfly Bobbin – Mini-Course

warped community butterfly bobbin

Get access to a FREE (yes, FREE) online mini course where you will learn how to make an easy pull yarn bundle (butterfly) for weaving! I use this yarn bobbin ALL the time and is the least expensive option you can use for winding your yarn. All you need is yarn and your hands!

Not sure? Check out the video!

As a bonus – you also get access to the Warped Weavers Facebook group where you can share, ask questions, and be a part of our weaving community!

What You Will Learn:

What is a yarn butterfly?

Why and when you would use it.

How to make one!


Troubleshooting Tips 

What are you waiting for? You are only 3 videos and 22 minutes away from learning a new skill!

Striped Tea Towel Set Pattern

color block scarf on rigid heddle loom

Tea towels are a great weaving project for weavers in all stages of their adventures.

These tea towels have a bold but simple stripe pattern that is easy to weave on a rigid heddle loom.

This pattern is for 2 tea towels that are woven on the same warp. Set up your loom once for more than one weaving! Learn more about getting multiple weavings with the same warp here.

Just like all of my other rigid heddle patterns, this one can also be woven on any floor loom or multi-shaft loom.

Looking for a rigid heddle loom to weave on? Check out my review on the Schacht Flip Folding Rigid Heddle Loom!

Color Block Scarf Pattern

color block scarf on rigid heddle loom

This scarf is my favorite rigid heddle project for beginner rigid heddle weavers! It is actually the pattern I use the most often in my beginner classes. Find out why this pattern is my favorite for new rigid heddle weavers here.

It features a simple color block pattern and uses a warm wool yarn that will continue to get softer as you wash it.

Even though this is a rigid heddle pattern, it can easily be converted to a floor loom pattern since it is plain weave.

Pattern includes recommended materials with total amounts needed as well as extra tips and aftercare information.

Looking for a rigid heddle loom to weave on? Check out my review on the Schacht Flip Folding Rigid Heddle Loom!

Subtle Striped Lace Scarf Pattern

free brooks bouquet scarf pattern

This lace scarf is lightweight and great for cool weather! It features subtle vertical stripes due to the use of simple alternate threading and an uncomplicated hand-manipulated lace towards each end of the scarf. Woven as plain weave, this scarf shines through the small details, but weaves up fast!

This pattern is designed for a 4 harness floor loom, but can also be woven on 2 harnesses with no issues!

Pattern includes recommended materials with total amounts needed, weaving draft, step-by-step instructions to create the lace, and aftercare information.

Striped Houndstooth Scarf

free houndstooth rigid heddle loom scarf pattern

This scarf has a fun stripe of hounds tooth on the side and features a slubby cotton yarn for subtle texture.

This pattern is designed for a rigid heddle loom but can also be woven on a floor loom!

Pattern includes recommended materials with total amounts needed, step-by-step instructions on how to interlock your discontinuous weft, and aftercare information.

Looking for a rigid heddle loom to weave on? Check out my review on the Schacht Flip Folding Rigid Heddle Loom!

Weaving Organization Spreadsheet

weaving organization weaving community

When it comes to organization it also pays to take a little bit of time to compile a list of all of your weavings and their info in one place. I created a spreadsheet that I keep in my Google Drive so that I can access it anytime, even on my phone!

This may not seem like a big deal, but if you’re ever talking to anyone about your work and you’re away from a computer – all you have to do is look at your phone to see how much you priced your weaving at!

When I first started my studio practice I didn’t have this and I would constantly be re-measuring artwork and trying to remember how many hours I spent on each piece…. etc. The spreadsheet has helped immensely whenever I apply for a show. I NEVER remember prices or sizes. Sometimes I don’t even remember the year it was finished….

I want you to be organized too, so I’ve made the same spreadsheet I use available to you!

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