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I teach in-person weaving classes and workshops in the Richmond, Virginia area and online courses that you can take anywhere! I believe in learning the right way to weave FIRST and I encourage experimentation ALWAYS! Interested in having me teach a weaving class or workshop? Scroll down to my contact form and we can talk logistics!

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Online Weaving Classes

You Should Take An Online Class If:

You learn better working at your own pace and want to be able to work around your own schedule – not someone else’s. You want the ability to replay information over and over. You want access to an online community where you can share your weaving adventure with like-minded others. You want to weave from the comfort of your own home. You want access to course updates at no additional charge. All courses include videos and downloadable pdf’s.

In-Person Weaving Classes

You Should Take An In-Person Class If:

You are the kind of student that learns better when surrounded by others that can help and inspire you. You prefer a fast-paced learning environment. You learn better when you have to set time aside to come to class. You like to be able to ask questions as you go. You want to be able to see and feel the weaving samples and books. You are ok with having “homework” between classes. You live near or are willing to travel to the Richmond, VA area.

online weaving class

Weft-Faced: Tapestry Techniques & Beyond

37 instructional videos and 4 “watch-me-weave” videos for you to watch, rewind, and replay as many times as you need!

To weave tapestry you need to understand the basics. When you learn to weave tapestry with Warped Fibers you learn the basics and so much more!

Learn traditional tapestry techniques in this online weaving class including multiple joining techniques, color blending, shape construction, eccentric weft, pick-and-pick, soumak, rya, and inlay. We will also discuss techniques to create straight selvedges, options for image building, finishing techniques, display, and more!

Plus get a copy of the Warped Fibers Weaving Shapes e-book plus perks listed above!

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This weaving course can be purchased in full (for a discount!) or in 3 segments to “build-your own” and get started for less!

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Weft-Faced: Tapestry Techniques & Beyond - Full Course!

Learn how to weave tapestry from start to finish with a focus on form and experimentation!

12 students enrolled

Last updated Feb 5th, 2024

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Embroidery Weaving

 *Offered 2x A Year*

1 Day Workshop – 6 hours total

Explore the possibilities of the embroidery weaving stitch in order to create shaped weavings! Students will learn three weaving stitch variations to create a sampler and take what we’ve learned to design and finish an embroidery weaving on canvas.

Material fees for this class cover a Warped Fibers embroidery weaving kit with everything you need for the class and to keep weaving at home!

Next class date:

Sunday: August 11

10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Rigid Heddle Weaving

4 Day Class – 3 hours each day

Learn how to weave on a rigid heddle loom! We’ll warp a rigid heddle loom using the direct warping method. This method is unique to rigid heddles and fast to set-up so you can start weaving in no time. You can expect demonstrations on maintaining straight selvedges, dealing with weft tails, changing colors, and more.

Students will finish the class with a plain weave scarf, but don’t let the term plain weave fool you! Plain weave can create many unique and fun patterns just with the use of color.

Next class dates:

Weekend Workshop: August 3 & 4

10 a.m. – 4 p.m.


Tapestry Frame Weaving

*Perfect for Beginners*

4 Day Class – 3 hours each day

Learn to weave tapestry on a portable frame loom. Students will learn 2 different warping techniques for a sampler and a finished piece. This class teaches traditional tapestry techniques with an emphasis on experimental weaving. We will explore color hatching, joins, basic shape construction, eccentric weft, rya knots, and more!

You will construct your own simple frame loom, which you can keep for future projects!

Next class date:

Saturday: April 13 – May 4

1 – 4 p.m.

In Progress!

dances with wool weaving classes

Lace Weaving On The Rigid Heddle

 3 Day Class – 2 hours each day

Light and airy lace is simple to weave on a rigid heddle loom with only a single heddle! Hand-manipulated laces mean you are doing some of the extra work so your loom doesn’t have to. Learn to weave 3 different types of hand-manipulated lace on your loom to create a sampler and then choose one to design a scarf all your own.

Weaving time outside of class is required. This is an intermediate level class – students must know how to warp a loom for a single color in plain weave on their own. 

Next class date:

Sundays: April 21 – May 5

11 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Rigid Heddle Weaving With Pick-up Patterns

3 Day Class – 2 hours each day

Are you ready to move beyond plain weave? Further your rigid heddle weaving skills by creating a scarf using a pick-up pattern! Pick-up sticks allow you to easily extend the capabilities of your rigid heddle loom without adding a second heddle. Weaving time outside of class is required.

Next class date:

New Date!

Thursdays: May 9 – 23

6 – 8 p.m.


Weaving In Multiples – Tea Towel Set

3 Day Class – 2 hours each day

Get more out of your warp! Learn how to weave more than 1 project on the same warp so you can weave more and set up less. In this class we will make a set of cotton tea towels with a simple but beautiful pattern. We will also go over hemstitching and tips for sewing your woven fabrics.

Next class date:

No Current Classes

pine camp cultural arts center weaving classes

Teen Frame Weaving

9 Day Class – 1.5 hours each day

Create unique wall hangings on a simple and portable frame loom! Starting out with weaving and loom basics, this class is perfect for new weavers. Learn how to set up your loom, keep your sides straight, correctly start and stop your yarn, and that is only the beginning! Develop the skills to weave tapestry such as (but not limited to) shape building, color blending, and eccentric weft. We will also go over textural techniques to make your tapestries pop!

Learn to make fun and beautiful weavings with confidence and very little tools.

Next class date:


Floor Loom Weaving

9 Day Class – 2 Hours each day

Learn the magic of the floor loom! The warping process will broken down step by step in order to make it simple and stress free. Weaving basics will be discussed to help you understand the ins and outs of the weaving process with a focus on proper technique. Once you get the basics, experimentation is highly encouraged!

Beginner weavers will create a unique woven scarf, table runner, or rag rug by the end of class. Returning students have the option of creating a project of their own design. All students will leave class with a finished project, plus the ability and confidence to weave going forward.

Next class date:

Mondays: January 22 – May 6

6 – 8 p.m

Class Full!


Interested in having me come teach a weaving class or workshop? Send me an email with what type of weaving you are interested in and any details you have and we can discuss logistics!

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