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Learning To Weave – Weaving Book Review

Learning To Weave – Weaving Book Review

Learning to Weave is one of the books that almost all new weavers should own. I first purchased it because it was required for my weaving class at Virginia Commonwealth University, but I have recommended it ever since. While this is not the newest weaving book on the...

How To Use A Warping Board

How To Use A Warping Board

Measuring out your warp for your loom is an important weaving skill that all weavers should know how to do. It's one of the first steps for setting up your weaving on your loom. When it comes to measuring your warp for your floor, table, or even your rigid heddle...

Why You Should Double Your Tapestry Warp

Why You Should Double Your Tapestry Warp

Did you know that you can double your warp when you weave tapestry? Something so simple can have a really big impact on your weaving. Occasionally, something may happen in the studio that you didn’t really plan – but it can actually turn into something great! This...

Hi! I'm Nicole!

Hi! I'm Nicole!

I am so happy to have you here on Warped Fibers! I am a weaver and fiber artist that found a love for sharing these passions with anyone willing to listen. So I started this weaving blog so you can learn to weave! Check out the ABOUT page for more information about who I am and the CLASSES page to see what I can teach you! You can also check out my ARTWORK to see what I make in my studio.

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