Let’s just cut right to it: Warped Fibers is the blog I wish I was reading. That sounds a little vain… but hear me out.

When I tell people I am an artist they ask me what kind of paintings I paint. 

Weaving is obscure. Mostly. I mean, I walk into a yarn store and I am asked if I crochet or knit. 

One of the aspects that makes weaving so great is that it is not one warp fits all. It’s exciting and traditional – functional and experimental. Honestly, though, it could also be … boring and overwhelming.

That’s why I created Warped Fibers. Weaving shouldn’t be boring and it shouldn’t overwhelm you to the point of not getting started. I won’t just be throwing weaving information at you. Instead I’ll be passionately delivering the dirt on what you should know, what you want to know, and what you didn’t know was even an option.

When I started teaching weaving I began to notice the tips and tricks that I take for granted every day in my studio. These are mostly things that I figured out with a lot of trial and error. If you hang out on the blog then I’ll share them with you – no error required. That being said, mistakes are great for learning. This way, though, you won’t make the same mistakes I’ve made and can instead make your own! Yay! More learning!

What you can expect from Warped Fibers:

Weaving Basics

Weaving Hacks




Weaving Puns

Non-weaving Puns

Obscure literary references

Classes and Workshops

Loom Maintenance 

… and on and on

These are the topics that I want to read about or that I wish I had read about. I will also cover topics you are interested in – as long as you tell me.

I’m not a mind reader.

So please leave a comment to let me know. We are in this together

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