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weaving process guide
weaving process guide

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Thank You For You Interest In The Warped Fibers Weaving Process & Planning Guide!

This e-book/ guide contains 19 informational pages and includes tips and guidance for planning your weaving! I’m not going to lie to you, the information in the e-book spans topics that can be partially found throughout blog posts here on Warped Fibers, BUT with the purchase of the book you get some extra information and the convenience of having everything in one place in a downloadable and printable format!

You Will Learn:

  • The weaving process
  • All about EPI, PPI, and WPI
  • The 3 basic weave structures
  • How to calculate take-up, draw-in, shrinkage, and total yarn needed

You also get a weaving planning worksheet that you can print out and fill in for your own projects (I walk you through it!) The worksheet is ONLY available via e-book!

The regular purchase price will be $15 USD, but when you sign up you will get a 20% discount!

When you sign up through the form below you will be sent your discount right away and an email as soon as it is available for purchase. You will also get access to the quarterly email with weaving tips, upcoming class info, a look into future blog posts, and more with an option to separately sign up for weekly blog post emails!

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