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How To Maintain Warp Spacing On Your Simple Frame Loom

How To Maintain Warp Spacing On Your Simple Frame Loom

Do you use a simple frame loom? Does the fact that you have to manually space your warps make you consider other frames or deter you from using one to begin with? While admittedly the lack of automatic spacing could be an understandable reason to looks elsewhere,...

Simple Strategies For Weaving Faster

Simple Strategies For Weaving Faster

Weaving is a labor of love. No one (I hope!) gets into it with the notion that it creates immediate satisfaction. At least not in the respect that it is finished quickly, because it probably won’t be. There are a lot of different stages to each weaving and there are...

Types of Frame Looms – Portable Weaving

Types of Frame Looms – Portable Weaving

Frame looms (also sometimes called lap looms) are one of the best ways to learn how to weave and something that every weaver should have in their studio in at least one form. They are great for new weavers because they are more affordable than more complex floor looms...

Hi! I'm Nicole!

Hi! I'm Nicole!

I am so happy to have you here on Warped Fibers! I am a weaver and fiber artist that found a love for sharing these passions with anyone willing to listen. So I started this weaving blog so you can learn to weave! Check out the ABOUT page for more information about who I am and the CLASSES page to see what I can teach you! You can also check out my ARTWORK to see what I make in my studio.

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